MY RUSSIAN FAMILY reveals the stories of three generations of life in Soviet Russia through Lilia Sariecheva's amazing memory and gifted story telling talent.


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The following events occurred almost eight centuries ago. This family narrative about our ancestors was passed down from generation to generation and revealed to me from my grandmother’s lips, just as I later passed it on to my son. It explains the origin of our family name, Sariechev, and confirms my family’s long-term roots in the ancient Russian city of Ryazan.

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The abduction was fast and efficient. A small band of expert Mongolian horsemen had appeared out of nowhere. Then a ferocious looking figure in black grabbed the young blond beauty named Agahsha and brutally swung her up behind him on his saddle. She caught a glimpse of his dark arrogant face wreathed by furs and instinctively knew that he was their leader. Since she had never been on a horse, the large ugly beast petrified her. The sharp earthy smells of both the horse and the man revolted her senses. Agahsha was in deep shock.


This touching family saga involving love, faith, fidelity, and psychic phenomena will take you through the mysterious world of Mother Russia under Soviet Power, Stalinism, Gulag Archipelago, and the KGB, as well as a singular view of historical events, including World War II.


"A riveting story of three generations of a Russian family whose members range from peasants to nobility, this family history reads like a novel. It is an intimate glimpse into their everyday lives, their struggles, courage, and endurance in the face of overwhelming odds. Highly recommended." -- Mary Embree, author. literary consultant, and president of  California LIterary Arts Society

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